Heavy Duty racking systems is an excellent choice for industrial warehouse storage because of their load-bearing capacity. Mini Fabrications is one of the reliable heavy duty rack manufacturers in India. We design and manufacture highly configurable and durable warehouse rack systems as per customer specifications. These systems allow customer to manage, utilise  the space very efficiently. In an organised manner and easy to find. The multipurpose shelving solution also reduces the possibility of hazards and accidents


  • They have a unique characteristic and superior quality which makes them suitable for all types of industries.

  • It maximises the space used to store the industrial products which enhances the storage space and efficiency.

  • It keeps the products organised in a significant manner which reduces the hazards and automatically increases the safety of workers

  • It is convenient to easily set up in any warehouse for commercial and industrial purposes.


  • Mini fabrications use the best resources and advanced techniques to deliver the finest and superior quality product which is designed to solve the storage problems of several industries.

  • It can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled

  • It improves safety of the personnel.

  • Stored materials are easy to access.


  • Heavy duty racks are used in the commercial and industrial sector for storing goods in an effective way.

  • It is a perfect storage solution for heavy products.

  • It is used in electrical, mechanical, and different heavy equipment’s industries for storing heavy goods and products in a significant manner.

Installation ( INDIA ONLY ) 

  • ​We have a team of 150 people for installing rack systems at site.

  • The tea can handle multiple sites which are deployed time to time in multiple projects.

  • We also send our team to visit site prior to taking any large orders.

  • The team analyses for optimization of space and come up with the best cost effective solution.

  • Site Visit Facility and Installation Services are Available only across India.

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