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Medium duty racking system is designed to store medium weight products (500 -1000 kgs per shelf). These are less expensive systems for storing large volume but light weight materials. They prevent deformation and are safe which makes them the most trusted product. It immediately allows access to all the products stored in a rack. This type of structure is used to expand storage capacities in an industrial warehouse. 



  • It can easily meet the requirements of huge scale industries.

  • It has a high bearing capacity and doesn't deform easily.

  • It is quite a reliable and convenient racking system which is easily assembled and disassembled.

  • It maintains the standard of the product and gives full safety guarantee against environmental conditions.


  • This racking system is strong, durable and space-efficient. It utilizes storage space in an effective manner.

  • It is easily available in different shapes, sizes and lengths, and can be customised according to the client’s needs.

  • The products stored can be well organised, tagged ad easily accessible.


  • It is used in any production unit to store the goods and products of light weight.

  • It is highly preferred by industries for storing small products which are used for daily purposes.

  • Utilises the space very effectively and hence saves cost of expensive space especially for small industries.


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