The mezzanine floor is actually a transitional floor between the floors of the building and may be permanent and temporary. It's a low-ceiling floor which can be seen in different balcony structures. These floor structures are created for industrial and commercial sectors. Mini Fabrications manufactures the mezzanine floor with the aim to boost up the efficiency of the workplace in a significant manner. It makes full use of the height of the offices. There are different metro stations in the world which use this structure to enhance the capacity of the space.



  • It has the uniqueness and incredibility to expand any physical space without making changes in your property.

  • It is a quick solution for space concern as it can be easily assembled which saves time.

  • It is highly flexible and easily deformed whenever required.

  • It increases the surface area by fully utilising the corners of the areas.

  • Mezzanine floors are typically structural, roll formed, shelf support that allows high density storage space.



  • It is a durable and most efficient product which is built into the infrastructure of the building.

  • Mini fabrication uses the best techniques and methods to build an excellent quality floor with adequate material.

  • It is customised and expanded according to different sizes and shapes which define the accurate area of the structure.

  • It is an excellent method to renovate your old office building into a new one with more storage space.


  • It is specially used in different offices, storage spaces like warehouses in industries, changing rooms, and many more.

  • It is used to change the structure of your office completely and utilise the maximum space.

  • It is a perfect method for businesses that need to move goods cartons constantly.

  • It increases the space for production units and different packaging and sorting products.

  • It is a perfect method for businesses that need to move goods cartons constantly.


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