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The slotted angle racking system is best to be placed in numerous applications according to your business requirements and storage spaces. Mini fabrication provides a wide variety of slotted angle racks in different sizes and lengths. These racks always maintain stability and can be expanded according to the area of the warehouse. It increases the storage capacity in quite an efficient way and always utilises the space of warehouses in industries. It is highly flexible and does not even shake while loading and unloading of products. It is an irreplaceable product which is used by every industry.



  • Due to its properties like robustness, reliability it leaves a great impact on the product management system.

  • It creates extra space for storing goods as it can be moved easily from one room to another.

  • The advantage of having these racks is that they are durable as they are made from sturdy metal which has high tensile strength to bear the weight of the products placed on them.

  • The racks are easily movable and have a non –corrosive property which makes it water resistant.


  • ·In these racks light weighted compartments are made precisely in order to have maximum storage capacity.

  • ·The heights of the racks are adjustable so you can easily place it wherever you want.

  • Its maintenance cost is very low and therefore it is a more desirable product in many industries.


  • Due to its finest quality material, it is used in every type of industry for storing products.

  • They are highly flexible and utilise the maximum space of the area.

  • It’s quite affordable and therefore used in every sort of industry for organising several products.

  • It is used in schools, libraries, large to small scale industry and it is even used for commercial purposes also.



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