Strut Channel in Georgia

Mini Fabrication is a strut channel manufacturer with over many years of experience in roll formed section channels. We produce thousands of tons of strut channels regularly and deliver it all across the globe. Mini Fabrication offers the best and adequate quality of strut channel in Georgia to our clients. We provide a wide range of standard strut channels in pre galvanised steel finish. We customise the strut channel according to the needs of the client. Mini Fabrication always deals in excellence processes and training to get the best sustainable improvement in performance of strut channels in Georgia. Strut Channel is widely used in numerous industries like electrical, mechanical and mainly in construction sites for support systems.





















Application of Strut Channel in Georgia

·         Strut Channel in Georgia is used in building rooftop support systems for mount and brace in construction sites.

·         Strut Channel in Georgia is ideal for supporting pipework, duct system, cable wires and many more.

·         Strut Channel is widely used in ventilation systems, heating, air conditioning and HVAC support systems.

·         Strut Channel is used in the heavy equipment industry for electrical components and suspension of ducts.

·         Strut Channel gives support to anchorage in various systems such as pipe hangers and other drainage pipe systems in Georgia.

·         Strut Channel is used in providing light support systems for many small scale industries in Georgia.

·         Strut Channel can be easily assembled without much labor. It is cost effective as it reduces the welding cost and can be melded easily.