Strut Channel in Miami


Mini Fabrications is a global and innovative manufacturing company of high quality strut channels. We provide excellent resources to our trained workers for producing the top quality of strut channels. We use an integrated approach for our customers to meet their specific demands and deliver the products on time. Mini Fabrication creates the most effective strut channel so that the efficiency of the project should be increased and the customer will not face any kind of problem in future. Further if you have any query related to our products, our end to end customer service is always available to resolve your query. Strut Channel is an important product for many building construction sites to provide the light weight support for increasing the life of the building.























Application of Strut Channel in Miami

·         Strut Channel is used in heating, air conditioning, ducting systems and HVAC units.

·         Strut Channel is basically used in raceway units for providing supports to wiring systems

·         Strut Channel can be easily assembled without much labor and less tools which reduces the cost.

·         Strut Channel in Miami is used in high beam, cable tray conduit, and heating pipes.

·         Strut Channel helps in supporting different electrical and mechanical industries for supporting machinery.

·         Strut Channel is used in pipe conduit, panel boxes, soar systems and electrical components.

·         Strut Channel in Miami is a shelving system in many industries. It is highly used in heavy racking systems too.

·         Strut Channel is used for mounting and braces the rooftop support in buildings.