Strut Channel in New York


Mini Fabrication, presents client’s with the superior quality of strut channel in varied specifications. As the leading strut channel manufacturer, supplier and dealer in New York, we provide the most adequate product which is used for support systems in various electrical and mechanical industries. Mini Fabrications specialize in delivering integrated electrical product solutions to meet the customer requirements. Strut Channel in New York is a consistent structural system which is used in building and electrical industrial trade for beam structure. The main benefit of strut channels is there are different options available for effortlessly joining the lengths with the help of fasteners like nut, bolt and many more. Mini fabrication always delivers the best and most adequate product and delivers it safely in respective time.





















Application of Strut Channel in New York


• Strut Channel in New York is frequently used for supporting cable trays, air conditioning, heating and aeration systems.

• Strut Channel supports the data wire and numerous electrical circuits so that they will remain stable in one place without any hindrance.

• Strut Channel is very convenient in construction sites as it takes less labor with minimum time.

• Strut Channel is quite affordable with high mechanical strength.

• Strut Channel in New York helps in supporting raceway systems, pane boxes, solar system, conduit and many more.

• Strut Channel is available in different sizes and finishes which offers protection from environmental conditions.

• Strut Channel is used in racking and shelving systems in many industries.