Strut Channel in Oakland

Mini Fabrication is a leading global manufacturer of strut channels proposing high quality and adequate performance with premium standard which ensures the effective and determined products at competitive price. We offer the best range of strut channels with different sizes and shapes which can be customised with the needs of the customer. Mini Fabrications provides high end customer services and takes immediate action to any problem. Strut Channel in Oakland basically helps in supporting the structural support in any building site for construction of commercial as well as industrial sectors. Strut Channel is a cold slotted form with punched holes on the same distance. It is quite flexible and easily modified without much labor and minimum tools. It is made of pre galvanised steel finish with metal frame which is anti-corrosion and highly durable.




























Application of Strut Channel in Oakland

·         Strut Channel in Oakland helps in supporting the raceway which interconnects the wires.

·         Strut Channel is used in light and medium duty applications for plumbing and wiring systems.

·         Strut Channel in Oakland is widely used in mechanical and electrical components systems in industries.

·         Strut Channel is basically best for mount and brace in rooftop support systems in buildings.

·         Strut Channel in Oakland is used in solar heating applications in numerous industries.

·         Strut Channel commonly based on steel metal frame which can be easily molded without any welding process.

·         Strut Channel is used in heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems and HVAC units in Oakland.