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Mini fabrication provides comprehensive facility services. In our 125000 sq.ft plant, we have 30+ machines with 800 HP power with an OLTC transformer. We know how to technically deliver a wide range of different products with preventive measures. 6 loading and unloading platforms with 2 EOT cranes are available. We handle the operation of several buildings and offices infrastructure and provide warehouses for different systems. We provide services in the field of support systems for real estate, and give in depth facilities for the commercial and industrial sector. We offer different clients who are looking forward to solutions that reserve the status of their assets and give guaranteed results with sustainable performance.



We always keep updated on the manufacturing process to utilise the excellent quality raw material for production of different products. We serve the high standard products by checking all the parameters with full accuracy which leads to high performance and increases the stability. Mini fabrications products have implemented processes and systems throughout the stream to manufacture high grade quality products. We believe in standardisation of business processes globally. We have sustainable and profitable growth because of our work environment and core values.


Our team has highly skilled professionals which are well qualified and have at least 2 years of vast experience and knowledge in handling machinery and different equipment. We have 250 dedicated workers who are committed to delivering the best product. Our expert’s always offer guidance and technical assistance to our valuable clients. The experienced workers and representatives are always available to reply to your queries and help you to choose the best and most adequate product for different industries. Our workers are fully trained which enhances the strength of production unit to perform different activities hassle free. We work with full dedication and never compromise on quality and standard of product.

Material Stock

Raw materials are used in the manufacturing process which is always available in bulk to meet the client’s needs. We stock 1500 tons of raw materials with different gauges and steel materials. We satisfy our customers by providing them standard products at affordable prices in required time. Some products like strut channels, unistrut channels, and fasteners are always available with standard size and lengths and can be customised accordingly. You will definitely get your product on time as we have vast delivery and are always ready to ship.

Machinery and Equipment

Mini fabrication possesses a well-equipped manufacturing unit which is run by latest technology machinery with heavy equipment plants. We have a tendency to continuously upgrade our products which keep pace in international markets. We are ready to serve you the best range of strut channel, unistrut channel, heavy duty rack system, medium duty rack system, slotted angle racks and mezzanine floor with effective and timely delivery. We always provide excellent standard quality products which can be customised according to the client's needs.


Environment Friendly

Mini fabrication is the manufacturing unit which is totally based on solar plants. The positive consequences of solar plants are directly related to our environment as only eco-friendly renewable energy is used. From production to different manufacturing waste, there is no loss of environment; we always focus on the safety of our ecosystem. The natural resources are used which substantially gives more power to the production unit.


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